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SIM and SIEM integration

Enhance the effectiveness
of SIM and SIEM tools

Security Information Management (SIM) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools are becoming more commonplace in managing alerts and analyzing events. But often the information the tools collect is not definitive, all too frequently analysts lack the depth of network security monitoring to reconstruct the event to recognize what occurred and model the potential impact.

A skills gap, the high cost of security expertise and an ever-changing security landscape is making SIEM a no-brainer. Security teams are using it to manage their operation and collect and collate events and alerts from a wide range of sources. But there are also problems: they’re expensive, require specialized workers and they often fail to provide a context around alerts. There’s an even bigger challenge: what do you do when an alert is flagged?

SentryWire is the answer. A full network packet capture tool, it provides analysts with a complete, authoritative data source so they can understand what has occurred, assess the impact and plot an effective response. SentryWire provides context around an alert, it can capture, log and store petabytes of data packets at the industry’s fastest speeds. It can also search them really fast making an authoritative source available to analysts in minutes. SentryWire doesn’t require a specialist and it is easy to install and analyze.

Implement a proactive security strategy
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Fix many cybersecurity challenges

Network packet capture

Effective network and security operations start with simply and cost effectively capturing many months of full data packets, without this forensic investigation it is impossible and the network security risks are substantial. Finding the needle in the petabytes haystack in seconds is vital, which requires effectively indexing data in near real-time during capture.

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Incident response

Incident response times are critical. Rapid troubleshooting dictates monitoring security and network and application performance in near real-time. But that’s the challenge. The need is to collect massive data packets - a full recording of what transpired - and then interrogate them fast. It demands a new type of packet capture tool.

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Forensic investigation

Forensically investigating a breach is key to understanding how the attacker penetrated, the affected systems and the damage. A full network traffic recording provides the key to deep and fast network forensics: an authoritative data source and the right evidence. Without this organizations will be financially and reputationally exposed to regulations like GDPR and NIS

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SIM and SIEM integration

Security Information Management (SIM) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools are becoming more commonplace in managing alerts and analyzing events. But often the information the tools collect is not definitive and all too frequently analysts have to reconstruct the event to recognize what occurred and model the potential impact.

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Threat detection and blocking

On average new threat signatures are published with a 180+ delay and zero-day vulnerabilities with even more delay. The capability to access months of historical network data immediately is essential to understanding if the organization is affected by these threats, to provide the full evidence to support a forensic investigation, and, to ensure an effective response.

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Intrusion detection

Detecting unlogged activity, data exfiltration, phishing preparation and malware infiltration are creating exponential challenges. Organizations must tune Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) to be more effective in reducing the number of false positives. It starts by providing security analysts with access to large volumes of historical network data for effective investigation.

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Ransomware detection

The threat landscape is exploding and ransomware is increasingly sophisticated. It’s a perfect storm. An ability to take a threat signature and query months of historical data is essential for security operations teams to quickly and effectively detect new threats, assess their scope and design effective responses.

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SentryWire features

Full packet capture

Go beyond metadata and produce a high-fidelity traffic record.

Powerful and fast search

Search petabytes of network traffic in minutes.

Extended timeline

Store weeks, months or years of network traffic.

Fast capture speeds

Packet capture at speeds from 1Mbps to 100Gbps.

Next level intrusion detection

Accelerate network incident response times.

Visualization and analytics

Harness 3D visualization and custom analytics.

Partners and open API

Integrating SentryWire: partners and open API

SentryWire partners a broad range of leading vendors in threat analysis, network forensics and security analysis, and network application and performance management. It means a wide range of ready to use integration options. Your platform not listed? No problem, SentryWire has an open API.

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