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How much could
non-compliance cost
your business?

Non-compliance doesn’t just hit corporate reputation, it can do big damage to the corporate balance sheet: Equifax still has over 240 class actions. Home Depot is still paying out 3 years and $180m later. Whilst Facebook lost $50bn of its market capitalization in two days.

Mitigate the costs
of non-compliance

Rogue nation states, negligent employees, disgruntled workers and a cybersecurity arms race: the compliance challenges are great but the costs of non-compliance are greater. SentryWire harnesses full network packet capture to de-risk potential non-compliance, to operate in an increasingly regulatory landscape and to protect the brand and the bottom line. It stores and analyzes many months of digital data, and supports compliance efforts.

SentryWire fills a critical gap in an organization’s security and compliance framework and is a core enabler of swift and successful response to threats in order to ensure compliance, mitigate reputational damage and financial exposure.

  • Provide an authoritative and searchable source of 100% of all data communications for (forensic) analysis and, if needed as evidence in a potential (criminal) investigation
  • Capture and store a critically important source of data for the IT security, network and operations teams to detect, investigate and mitigate possible threats
  • Fuel the organization with critical business intelligence and reporting related to the access and the use of sensitive data
  • Ensure organizations and investigators have a complete record and evidence of what data may have been extracted in case of a breach: to ensure an adequate response, where relevant, and to stay in line with regulatory requirements
5 ways to sweat network security budgets
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SentryWire use cases

Risk mitigation

As organizations rapidly adopt new data technologies including AI and cloud-based storage, data risk is becoming a critical concern – compounding the threats of external breaches and negligent employees. Add this to sprawling regulations and massive non-compliance fines and the pressures on data management strategies have never been greater.

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Fraud detection

Digital fraud detection is both a broad field and a minefield. A vital focus is the electronic communications between individuals and systems, but successful fraud detection requires an authoritative data source. It also needs a new type of network packet capture platform that is scalable, cost-effective and can be used for effective fraud detection and forensic analysis.

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Automated data protection

Data communication networks are the backbone of corporate digital infrastructures: the challenge is collecting and storing an overwhelming amount of data, turning it into business intelligence and enabling the organization to harness its potency. But there’s an even greater challenge: securing exponential data streams - and modern network packet sniffing just isn’t enough.

Lawful interception

Globally, legislative and regulative requirements force telecoms providers to maintain lawful intercept capabilities for traditional circuit and packet-based telecommunications infrastructures. Service providers must rapidly provide network communications data for analysis and evidence. It places operational and capital burden on the business without any business benefit.

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To mollify the growing cybersecurity threats to nation states the European Union is driving a high and common level of network and information security across Europe. The NIS Directive became law in May 2018 and it places massive operational and compliance strains on operators of essential services and digital service providers. Yet all too many are still unaware of it.

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SentryWire features

Full packet capture

Go beyond metadata and produce a high-fidelity traffic record.

Powerful and fast search

Search petabytes of network traffic in minutes.

Extended timeline

Store weeks, months or years of network traffic.

Fast capture speeds

Packet capture at speeds from 1Mbps to 100Gbps.

Next level intrusion detection

Accelerate network incident response times.

Visualization and analytics

Harness 3D visualization and custom analytics.

Partners and open API

Integrating SentryWire: partners and open API

SentryWire partners a broad range of leading vendors in threat analysis, network forensics and security analysis, and network application and performance management. It means a wide range of ready to use integration options. Your platform not listed? No problem, SentryWire has an open API.

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Latest thinking

Cybersecurity isn’t working. It’s time for a new solution and it starts with old thinking

We’re spending big on cybersecurity, but is it working? New attacks come daily and corporate reputations and shareholder value disappear overnight. The fact is cybersecurity spend isn’t delivering the return. What’s the answer? Don’t look to the future, re-imagine the past, starting with network packet capture.

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